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MACH6 Ch Shasta Belstar Magic Happens CDX JH HOF - Petersfield Sanderling Hannah
Born April 17, 2009   Co-bred with Brittany Creamer


GCH Sanderling Panache Covenant SH DS BN RN TKN

   Owned by Dea Jaffey
April 17, 2009 - August 13, 2020

JarrodChristy more quail.jpg

Sanderling Crystal Sea SH WCX 
(3 MH legs)

   Owned by Jarrod Brom
April 17, 2009 - February 29, 2020
Christy began her life as Ed’s hunt test dog.She passed her first SH test when she was  22 months old and her first MH test just before her third birthday.
She easily got her WC at six months of age, and passed her first two Junior Hunt tests at eleven months. She was a fast and stylish worker, and loved blinds and drills as much as marks.
After retiring from hunt test competition, Christy lived a fantastic life as hunting companion to Jarrod Brom.


 Sanderling Crown of Glory AX OAJ MXJ

   Owned by Kate Myers
April 17, 2009 -December 16, 2017

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