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Sanderling "F" Litter

GCHB Swallowsflight Icecool-Cyclone BN MH WCX HOF ex  Flyway Farms Banner Over Sanderling MH WCX
Two boys and two girls born on February 11, 2022

Ch Sanderling Fire On The Mountain

Sanderling Free Indeed

Sanderling Faith

Sanderling For Such A Time As This

GCHB Kistryl Clocks Fall Back CDX JH RAE WCX ex Ch Moonstone Eve at Sanderling MH WCX
Four boys and six girls born on May 18, 2020  

Sanderling Elijah JH

GCH RACH Sanderling Eagles Wings CDX JH WCX (Hall of Fame Eligible)

Sanderling Ezra

Sanderling Ezekiel

Sanderling Expect a Blessing

Ch Sanderling Exceeding Joy CDX  SH WCX

Sanderling Every Bird in the Mountains

Sanderling Eternity

Sanderling Everlasting Love

Ch Beacon's Sergeant Pepper CD SH WCX ex Ch Petersfield Sanderling Hannah SH WCX
Four boys and three girls born on June 23, 2011  

Sanderling David

Sanderling Desert Streams

Sanderling Daniel

Sanderling Destined For Glory JH NA AXJ WC

Sanderling Dinah

Sanderling Devotion

Ch Sanderling Dance And Be Glad CDX JH

Ch MACH6 Shasta Belstar Magic Happens CDX JH HOF ex  Petersfield Sanderling Hannah SH WCX
Two boys and One girl born on April 17, 2009 

GCh Sanderling Panache Covenant BN RN SH

Sanderling Crown of Glory AX OAJ MXP

Sanderling Crystal Sea SH WCX

Sanderling "B" Litter

Ch Wingmaster Heaven and Earth SH WCX ex Ch Sanderling Love Never Fails SH WCX
One boy and four girls born on September 27, 2005  

Sanderling Benjamin JH WC

Sanderling Bathsheba

Sanderling Breath of Heaven

Sanderling Banner

Sanderling Bethany

Sanderling "A" Litter

Ch Woodland Petersfield Jericho CD SH WCX ex Ch Sanderling Love Never Fails SH WCX
Three boys and seven girls born on September 18, 2003  

Ch Sanderling Asher JH WC

Sanderling Apollos

Sanderling Andrew

Sanderling Amen To That SH WC

Sanderling Angel Song

Sanderling Petersfield Anna

Sanderling Woodland Acacia

Sanderling Abigail

Sanderling Alleluia

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