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Banner to Amos   Singleton boy born May 25th.


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We are delighted to be breeding our Banner, Flyway Farms Banner Over Sanderling MH WCX  to BIS Ch Petersfield Famous Amos JH HoF (March 4, 2004 - Sept 1, 2015) this spring.  

Amos was a stunning dog who did lots of winning in his day. He was also an incredible producer, with several of his pups also top winners, including GCHS Windsor's Chairman of the Board and GCH BiS Flatford's Ruffles and Flourishes MH. He also passed on longevity.

Here's part of his description from the 2011 Directory.

Amos was the No 1 Flat-Coat all breed in 2009 and no 2 all systems in 2008.  He is a moderate dog (24.5) with exceptional substance, coat, rear,  field drive and temperament. He is a proven producer who has repeatedly passed on these qualities to his get.  


Banner is a stylish working dog who never fails to impress judges with her speed and water entry. She is medium sized with a gorgeous head. Her first litter to Ice produced lovely puppies and we expect typey and talented puppies from this combination.

 Photo of Amos by John Ashbey 

 Photo of Banner by Candy


Amos 2_edited.jpg
Banner August 2020.jpg
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