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 Ch Sanderling Exceeding Joy CD SH WCX CDX 
(CHB Kistryl Clocks Fall Back CDX GO RM SH WCX HOF - Ch Moonstone Eve at Sanderling CD MH12 WCX HOF)
May 18, 2020 

Joy New Champion.jpg

Joy finished her JH title the weekend before her first birthday.

She acquired her Senior Hunter title in 4 straight tests and is training for Master and Utility Obedience.

She  has both drive and biddability and we are very pleased with her!

Joy made her obedience debut February 2023 and acquired her Companion Dog title in one weekend with scores of 195, 199 and 196.5.


We entered Open A for the first time on July 29th. Two trials in one day. Joy was the only dog to qualify so won two first places withs cores of 194 and 195.5. She got her third leg on September 21st, once again the only dog to qualify with a score of 191. (She was quite naughty on heeling!) 

Joy loves obedience! She has qualified all six times she has been in the ring, with scores from 191 to 199.

23.5 inches  57 Pounds

Photos courtesy of Bob Kohler, Marjorie Gethmann, David Veit & Rob Schell

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